Summary Description

The Technology

  • Cellflock™ is a decentralized digital identity management architecture that humanizes digital identity by allowing the user to construct and control what they are revealing about themselves. Its distinguishing feature is that it does not restrict users to a single, fixed, centralized identity, as is too often the case with current systems; rather, it supports the process through which users construct a suite of multiple identities that can simultaneously reflect the many roles we take on in everyday life.
  • As Blockchain technology extends its reach across all sectors of society, the decentralized nature of the Cellflock’s system architecture is particularly well suited to meet an emerging new set of user needs in the digital identity space. Unlike centralized approaches to digital identity where the data is managed by third party institutions, Cellflock reflects a utopian design approach, which allows users to populate, manage and delete their digital identities with the relevant data sets. This control is a two way process and allows users to also curate and control data that is pushed to their mobile device based on criteria of their choosing.

Intellectual Property Protection

  • The intellectual property of Cellflock is protected by a family of patents, including a recently granted continuation patent. Additional protection has been secured through a granted patent that further extends the reach of the Cellflock architecture.
  • Key patents (US8489994 B2) support the process through which users customise their outgoing presence, while the more recent patents (US9055126 B2) support the control and customisation of incoming digital content streams. More recent patents (US9398101 B2) have a focus on the user’s mobile number as a key part of their personal identity architecture, while the latest patent (US20160316063) moves the IP into the decentralized blockchain digital architecture space.

Embodiments of Intellectual Property

  • Cellflock Phone Smart Avatar Mobile: Cellflock gives users the ability to enhance their digital presence by associating 
different types of data with their identities. 
These identities can be communicated through Cellflock’s mobile presence avatars. At a time when expectations dictate that we maintain a ‘mobile presence’, the Cellflock can 
communicate on the user’s behalf, which allows the user to experience uninterrupted periods of ‘mobile absence’.
  • Cellflock Phone Contacts Contact List Context: A native application that integrates with one of the most fundamental parts of the user’s mobile phone, the address book/contact list. Once installed Cellflock provides an unbranded contextual layer of presence over the contact list. This can be built up with additional content which will be shared based upon preferences determined by the user and their relationship with individuals and groups in their contact list.

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